Programs & Services

A Collaborative Model

The IMPACT programs address the spectrum of needs of Boulder County’s highest-risk youth. Through IMPACT’s innovative collaborative model, agencies serving this population are able to leverage resources to meet these needs.

These evidence-based, outcome-driven programs have produced significant results for Boulder County’s youth, including reductions in detentions, commitments, and out-of-home placements.

IMPACT’s programs integrate staffing and resources from multiple agencies. Although all of IMPACT’s partners contribute to the successful functioning of the programs, each of the following programs is listed according to the agency in which it is housed.

These programs include:


Mental Health Partners – Child and Family Intensive Services

  • Functional Family Therapy (FFT) – a family intervention for at-risk and juvenile justice involved youth
  • Youth and Family Advocates – home-based support, advocacy, resources, and mentoring for youth and parents
  • Day Treatment – provides year-round school-based treatment for youth with severe emotional disturbance or mental illness who are at risk of out-of-home placement
  • Intensive Outpatient Services (IOS) – provides intensive therapeutic services to children and youth who are at risk of out-of-home placement or hospitalization
  • Adoption – provides therapeutic services for adopted youth (and their families) at risk of out-of-home placement or detention

Housing and Human Services
303-441-1200 (Boulder)
303-678-6000 (Longmont)

  • Lifeskills – A Child Protection and Youth Services program designed to promote consistency and predictability in the home environment
  • Utilization Management – Provides oversight for children and youth in foster care and higher level out-of-home placements

Public Health – Addiction Recovery Center

  • Teen Programs – substance abuse treatment for youth who are involved with the juvenile justice system and/or are at risk for out-of home placement

Community Services – Community Justice Services/Juvenile Services

  • Boulder Enhanced Supervision Team (BEST) – provides community supervision services to youth who would otherwise be detained in a locked facility
  • Anger Management – a 10-week anger management group for juveniles who have been sentenced to anger management or referred by their BEST or Probation officer. One-on-one anger management sessions also available-
  • Boulder County Community Services (BCCS) Mentoring Program – provides trained community mentors for high-risk youth
  • BEST Truancy – provides community supervision services for non-compliant truant youth who are at-risk of being detained in a locked facility
  • School/Work Release/Weekender Program – provides an alternative to straight detention time

20th Judicial District Probation
303-441-3780 (Boulder)

  • REACH School Liaison Program – provides enhanced supervision, advocacy, and support for juvenile sex offenders in their school settings
  • Gang Program – provides culturally appropriate supervision, treatment, and support for juvenile offenders with gang involvement
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – teaches effective cognitive skills to juvenile offender
  • Juvenile Integrated Treatment Court (JITC) – provides multi-agency structured intensive program with court supervision for juvenile offenders who have substance abuse/mental health needs


  • Detention Clinician – provides brief therapeutic interventions for Boulder County Youth detained at Platte Valley Youth Services Center
  • Project REACH (Respect, Empathy, Accountability, Community, Honesty) – evaluation, assessment, treatment, and supervised monitoring for youth who have committed sexual offenses
  • Division of Youth Corrections (DYC)/ DYC Paroled – provides supervision for committed and paroled youth


Public Defenders

  • Minority Family Advocate – provides bilingual advocacy and liaison services to minority juvenile offenders and their families as they move through the juvenile justice system

Boulder Valley School District

  • Truancy  Mediation – truant youth complete upfront mediation resulting in a  mediation contract for improving school attendance

Service Continuum Project

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Key Metrics

  • $8 million +
    in cost savings to Colorado since partnering with the DYC
  • 4,000 +
    youth have avoided commitment to the DYC as a result of IMPACT intervention