History & Philosophy

Our Story

In July of 1997, a small group of directors from Boulder County Social Services, Community Services, Public Health, District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, 20th Judicial District Probation, and the Mental Health Center started to meet every Monday morning to plan what is now one of the most recognized and successful collaborations in Colorado.

Boulder County Integrated Managed Partnership for Adolescent and Child Community Treatment (IMPACT) was born from these planning meetings.
This group had a vision of a cross agency collaboration that would integrate the intervention systems service delivery model and make any door the right door for Boulder County’s highest risk youth and families.

Through an aligned philosophy and collaborative efforts focused on reducing the numbers of children and youth in residential out-of-home placement and detention, IMPACT saw immediate results and was able, after the first year, to reinvest savings into community-based programs that would help to prevent youth from being placed outside of their home. By developing interagency case staffing, service utilization management and resource gate keeping processes, the IMPACT partnership was able to build on their first year success. Each year since 1997, the Partnership has increased the number of youth who have remained safely in their homes and there has been a steady decline in the number of juvenile criminal filings in Boulder County; the IMPACT programs were and are keeping the youth, their families and the community safer.

Over the past 16 years, IMPACT has continued to evolve to use our collective resources in the most effective way to provide the best possible services to our ever changing community. IMPACT has grown to 11 partners and over 20 programs that continue to serve the Boulder County community.

Key Metrics

  • $8 million +
    in cost savings to Colorado since partnering with the DYC
  • 4,000 +
    youth have avoided commitment to the DYC as a result of IMPACT intervention